5 things: summary execution

Five things that I think we might consider summary execution for:

  1. Designing websites using Flash
  2. HDR photography
  3. Verbing nouns (e.g. diarise, action something)
  4. Parking outside of the marked bays
  5. Watching reality TV then boring your poor work colleagues about it on Monday

About David

Hi, I'm David. I live in Aberdeen (UK) with my beloved wife and two (sometimes beloved) cats. By training I'm an engineer, but a strange sort of engineer who has social skills and is happier working with people rather than designing stuff. Professionally I work in the oil industry facilitating collaborative technology development. In my spare time I'm a non-exec at Aberdeen Forward, an environment/sustainability social enterprise. If you're interested then check me out at twitter.com/davidriddell or linkedin.com/davidriddell.
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