Hi, I’m David.


I live in Aberdeen (UK) with my beloved wife and two (sometimes beloved) cats. I’m a reformed engineer, one who has social skills and is happier working with people rather than designing stuff. Professionally I work in the oil industry facilitating collaborative technology development. In my spare time I’m a non-exec at Aberdeen Forward, an environment/sustainability social enterprise.


What can you expect from this blog? A bit of infrequent wittering on about subjects ranging from personal interests like photography, art and cycling to more serious musing on social media, politics and how things get done in a city.


I’m also working on a side-project called Tales of Aberdeen so there is likely to be more on that later!


If you’re interested enough, you can find me elsewhere on the web at:

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  1. James Navé says:

    Saw you on Twitter. Don’t know anyone who is teaching Artist’s Way in your area. That said, I’m offering a short seminar on March 23. How to Start and Finish “The Artist’s Way On Your Own.”

    Follow the link I’ve included to find out more. Julia Cameron and I were business and teaching partners in The Artist’s Way Creativity Camp in Taos, 1995-2001.

    Even though I’ve been around the work for years. I feel like I’m starting new every day.

    Hope you can join us.

    Best, James Navé

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