Five things I do that really annoy my wife

B is a saint for putting up with me sometimes.

So, in the first of an irregular series, here are five things that really annoy her.

  1. Repeat poor taste (well sick really) jokes, normally found on
  2. Witter on endlessly about social media, usually Twitter – and be unforgiving of those who don’t understand it.
  3. Leave bikes (and bike parts) in the dining room and consider them to be a normal piece of furniture.
  4. Watch TV programmes about early-2000s bands and then leave a pile of ‘must listen to’ CDs on the coffee table.
  5. Be too lazy to buy a new hub cap to replace the missing one on my car, but not to see what the problem is.

About David

Hi, I'm David. I live in Aberdeen (UK) with my beloved wife and two (sometimes beloved) cats. By training I'm an engineer, but a strange sort of engineer who has social skills and is happier working with people rather than designing stuff. Professionally I work in the oil industry facilitating collaborative technology development. In my spare time I'm a non-exec at Aberdeen Forward, an environment/sustainability social enterprise. If you're interested then check me out at or
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One Response to Five things I do that really annoy my wife

  1. Michael Hodgson says:

    Well the hub cap thing is annoying me, and I don’t think I’ve even *seen* your car!

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