Keep Calm and Start Talking :: Aberdeen mental health awareness event, 12 October

A friend of mine, Heather, is running a mental health awareness event on 12 October and is looking for some support  and/or sponsorship.

The event is entitled “Keep Calm and Start Talking” and aims to enhance awareness of the mental health issues which affect 1 in 4 people, by opening up discussions and stimulating ideas. It is run independently but supported by the “See Me” Campaign (a Scottish Government initiative). The entrance to the event would host a stand where information can be provided on the different illnesses people face and how they can be supported. The second area would contain stalls which each hold an activity promoting positive mental health, and assisting to open up conversations which are often difficult to start. Including: a creative section for making crafts, a music zone to show the effect sound has on our emotions and a hands on coping techniques exhibit. The final section comprises of a seated area with provisions for cupcakes and drinks. Questions on tables would enable discussions with those who have personal /professional experience.

Volunteers are lined up but more are always welcome. Visitors are even more welcome. Material support is also required, although it’s not crazy amounts. Heather is hoping about 200 people to attend. Sponsorship is required for:
- catering of drinks and cupcakes for the event plus lunches for volunteers (circa £400)
- activities supplies which would be mostly printed info sheets and craft supplies (possibly £150)
- ice cubes (any city centre bars watching?)
- plus any publicity support you can offer

This is a really great cause being run independently but with the support of local mental health charities. I’ve asked for enough sponsorship in my career so am putting my money where my mouth is too.

If you’re interested in supporting the event then contact me on and I’ll put you in touch with Heather.

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