Who will be your next MP?

It’s just over a month until the expected date of the General Election and I’ve heard nothing from any of the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates who will be standing for Aberdeen North. It took a bit of digging around on the web to find out who they are, never mind what issues they are speaking out on.

So I’ve decided to take my questions to them and ask the candidates why I should vote for them! I am going to email each candidate, tell them what issues concern me and ask them right out why I should vote for them.

The candidates for Aberdeen North are:

Tory – Stewart Whyte


Unfortunately there is no information at all about Stewart on conservatives.com. I did manage to find information at http://www.scottishconservatives.com/people/candidates/312. Not a good start for the new techo-savvy Tory party . . .

Labour – Frank Doran MP



Ooh, if you go to Frank’s website he surprises you by talking on a video. Nice personal touch, if a little scary. And a picture with Stephen Fry!

Lib Dem – Kristian Chapman



The splash page on Kristian’s website is very arty. Main page isn’t unfortunately (is it wrong to judge people on their website – no comments about brandspankingnew.co.uk please!).

SNP – Joanna Strathdee
Now I don’t much like the SNP website – far too much digging around the directory structure. But Aberdeen North has Joanna Strathdee.


Bit of a scary coloured purple jacket there Joanna.

Now for the email!

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Is daylight savings time government-sponsored weekend tax?

I’ll admit it – I hate it when the clocks go forward. No matter how often I say that I’m going to get an early night, something always crops up and I end up being awake at 1 am. And having to put my alarm clock forward to 2 am. before I even get any sleep.

It’s a bit of a state-supported kick in the teeth every spring really. And don’t try to convince me that I get the hour back in autumn – I regard that hour as a righteous reward for my year’s hard work and lost sleep. I mean, I never get enough sleep so it’s like an autumny snooze present from the world!

It didn’t help that last night was punctuated by incredibly vivid dreams and our attempts to stop one of our kittens (Marmite – probably more on her another time. . .) climbing up onto the bedroom mantlepiece and knocking everything over.

We did order a replacement door latch for the bedroom door though. I hope it arrives soon!

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New Blog


This is meant to be a gathering point for thoughts, notes, photos and links I want to share or remember. I’m not guaranteeing anything exciting but here’s hoping.

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