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On 23 September, I did a talk about social media and the 3rd sector at the inaugural Social Media Week event in Aberdeen. During this talk I rattled through a load of resources that I’d seen, used and liked so here they are – in no particular order.

Twitter for Good by Claire Diaz Ortiz (@ClaireD), Twitter’s head of social innovation, philanthropy and causes. Twitter’s social good website, highlighting causes they support.

Open Community, a great book for any non-profit trying to build online community – by @maddiegrant and @lindydreyer. Also worth a look is their organisation SocialFish, one of my bibles on 3rd sector social media.

And some ideas of resources and other folk’s campaigns to look at:
SoLoCo – social crowdfunding.
Givey – SMS/Twitter donation system.
Justgiving – online fundraising.
Common Purpose Your Turn Hamburg flashmob – a group of kids organised a flash mob to raise awareness of homelessness – well if they can do it . . .
Common Purpose Young Million campaign – highlighting the plight of unemployed 18n – 25 year olds, and offering them development.
Meningitis Trust – great integration of video and online activities into their campaign.
Beat Bullying and their Cyber Mentors scheme – really innovative use of social media to support young people.
Flock Edu – don’t know too much about it yet, but I’m really excited about social networks as a medium for learning!

I’ll add in some of the main points from my talk in a separate post.

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Hi, I'm David. I live in Aberdeen (UK) with my beloved wife and two (sometimes beloved) cats. By training I'm an engineer, but a strange sort of engineer who has social skills and is happier working with people rather than designing stuff. Professionally I work in the oil industry facilitating collaborative technology development. In my spare time I'm a non-exec at Aberdeen Forward, an environment/sustainability social enterprise. If you're interested then check me out at or
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  1. Maddie Grant says:

    Thank you so much for the shout-out, David!

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