What’s your big idea?

What’s your big idea?

I used to have lots of ideas, some of them practical, some of them realistic, many of them utterly ridiculous. They all had one thing in common though: I did absolutely nothing about them.

There was the plan to set up as a consultancy to help people get through the technical details and red tape to install renewable energy technologies into their homes. I got put off by the fear of setting up my own business and not knowing where to start. I was offered a job doing essentially the same thing for an Aberdeen charity but took fear at the low salary – it was just too much hard work and too scary at the time.

There was also the idea to open a custom travel agency that would program a car satnav with a UK tour decided by your interests. Great idea that I could talk for hours (well certainly tens of minutes) about, but would require custom satnav software, me to learn a lot about the UK travel market and a huge amount of research. Realistically I didn’t have the knowledge or the skills so it would be way too much for a first venture.

Now I’m not being too hard on myself really – there are good reasons why I didn’t set up for myself. I didn’t have the business skills, I knew nothing about business development or business planning. But I’ve also not done anything to gain small business skills in this time either.
I want to have a real passion about what I do for a living. I want work to be fun every day. I’ve been dipping in and out of a business book – ‘Rework’ by the guys from 37 Signals. I think that I’ve learned a lot more from reading about software start ups than from listening to the traditional business gurus. Maybe I’m being too idealistic – these folk seem to talk my language (fun, passion, doing what you love) than the guys in suits that you see on TV programmes like ‘The Apprentice’.

What’s my big idea? I’m not sure yet but I know that there is one there. I just need to find it!

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Hi, I'm David. I live in Aberdeen (UK) with my beloved wife and two (sometimes beloved) cats. By training I'm an engineer, but a strange sort of engineer who has social skills and is happier working with people rather than designing stuff. Professionally I work in the oil industry facilitating collaborative technology development. In my spare time I'm a non-exec at Aberdeen Forward, an environment/sustainability social enterprise. If you're interested then check me out at twitter.com/davidriddell or linkedin.com/davidriddell.
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  1. DK says:

    Just on the Rework book – thought you might be interested in this : http://gnatgnat.com/2010/05/rework-cheat-sheet/ :-)

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